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Lauryn -Age 32

Unexpectedly becoming pregnant with my first child at the age of 22 and knowing I would be a mother by 23, I immediately knew my lifestyle needed to change. I was living a fast life, and that I knew would not suffice. Doing things on my own was normal for me but, no longer just about me because my decisions would determine my child’s future as well. I decided on nursing school and with no real form of support, it was difficult. On and off, over the next seven years, pushing through domestic abuse, homelessness, figuring out how to put food on the table, trying to keep my bills paid, living from check to check, going without so my child wouldn’t feel what I felt was me failing as a mother, all while dealing with depression; SeQuoiya was there for me. Doing what she could, being a shoulder to lean on, offering a couch to sleep on, a meal for a night, helped with a bill when she could it until I could pay her back. SeQuoiya was a blessing throughout my journey, to say the least. Her heart is so full and her direct approach was appreciated because sometimes you need someone to “give it to you straight”. With SeQuoiya’s help and constant encouragement, I was able to get my daughter into one of the top urban schools in our district where she is excelling with all A’s ranked top of her class, completed my nursing program,  moved into a beautiful 2-bedroom home, giving my Babygirl a safe space where she can enjoy being her creative loving self. Most importantly, my overall mental status is in a better space. 


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