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About Us
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In February of this year, I was in a bad car accident that should’ve definitely left me dead or paralyzed, but by the grace of God I am still here and I most definitely know my mom had her arms wrapped around me. I was kept here for a reason so in the back of my mind I’m like I have to do something that will help others.




My mother passed away 4 years ago after a 17 year battle with multiple sclerosis so this organization is in memory of her. Bonita is my mom's middle name which In Spanish means “pretty” or “beautiful” and butterfly 🦋 is a metaphor for change. I personally have not been abused but literally used to watch my dad verbally and mentally abuse my mom because she could no longer walk and he knew she could no longer defend herself. Due to his long history of substance abuse and being on drugs he would often intimidate and steal from her and she would just cry which affected my mental state because how can you treat somebody this way that you took vows before God with? 

Bonita Butterfly 🦋 Inc is a nonprofit organization that was established to give battered women and children a second chance at life. When women suffer from abuse rather it is physical, verbal, emotional, or even sexual; it can deeply affect them as well as their children. Although I haven’t experienced abuse, my mother; as well as a list of friends have been and from that day forward I felt I had to and could help people in similar situations.

Services and Programs
We Offer

Referrals for shelters & Housing programs

  • Transitional House

  • Emergency Housing

Mental health Resourcing

  • Group Consueling

  • Individual Conseling

  • Domestic Violence Education

  • Anger Mangement Classes

  • Substance Abuse Groups

Financial literalcy

business& career Development

  • Resume Building

  • Professional Email Compostion

  • Transferable skills Training

  • Job Searching Strategies

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